Is Clickbank Still Profitable in 2022

Is Clickbank Still Profitable in 2022?

Are you looking for information on why Clikcank isn’t working for you? Do you think Clickbank is dead?

Don’t worry, in this guide you’re going to learn everything about Clickbank, why aren’t you able to make money from it, and what to do about it in 2022 and beyond.

But before I begin, I’d want to clarify that this guide is about generating money using Clickbank as an affiliate marketer, not as a Clickbank vendor.

Is it still possible to earn money through Clickbank in 2022?

The short and sweet answer is yes; you absolutely can – and many people still do.

Clickbank is one of the first sites, affiliate marketing beginners go to discover deals to promote to their audience in a wide range of various niches.

Clickbank is still quite active as an affiliate program/network, with lots of offers to promote (and many more being added every single day). The question now is;

Can you still profit from Clickbank as an affiliate marketer?

Clickbank will not bring you money, nor will any other affiliate scheme you investigate.


All affiliate networks/programs, such as Clickbank, generate money only if you know how to promote the offerings which are present on their platform.

Affiliate networks are just a collection of offers that you may use to advertise – they merely help you locate offers to promote and monitor the actual sales you make.

If you’re going to utilize Clickbank, you’re only going to do so to discover an affiliate offer to promote.

Many merchants and product developers advertise their offerings on Clickbank, and as an aspiring Clickbank affiliate, you may go in, choose an offer that appeals to you, and then promote it on your website or any digital assets you have like an email list, social media accounts, youtube channel, or private groups.

Why am I not making money/sales on Clickbank as an affiliate?

This short and sweet answer to this is you’re not getting any traffic on your affiliate link or even if you’re getting traffic, those people aren’t interested in your product.

You should examine your analytics to determine the source of the issue.

1. Are your affiliate links receiving traffic?

If not, you should focus on increasing traffic to your link.

2. If you’re receiving traffic, it suggests that the individuals who click on your affiliate link aren’t purchasing.

That suggests the product you’re attempting to advertise isn’t functioning, or the traffic you’re receiving isn’t interested in the product.

So, from here on, we’re only going to focus on 2 things, how to get traffic and how to find red hot products on Clickbank which get sold the fastest and easiest.

How to get traffic to your affiliate links?

Google Analytics has detected different types of traffic. Whether you want to establish your website or not, understanding these distinct traffic routes can help you determine where to concentrate your efforts!

There are six major transportation channels:

  • Direct traffic – Traffic from bookmarks or a URL put into your browser.
  • Organic search traffic – Unpaid search engine results in traffic (primarily Google).
  • Referral traffic – Traffic generated through links to other websites.
  • Social traffic – Traffic derived from social media connections (both free and paid).
  • Email traffic – Email connections generate traffic.
  • Paid traffic – Paid search advertising drive traffic.

Now, except for paid traffic (for obvious reasons), practically all of these channels may be free, but in reality, you may still want to pay to fully exploit the value of these channels.

While there are several potential sources of free traffic, we aim to make things as easy as possible. Here are the three most effective methods for obtaining free traffic:

  • Blog SEO
  • Social media
  • Email marketing

Let’s have a look at each one!

Traffic Source #1: Blog SEO

Concentrating on SEO and blog development will assist you in developing an organic source of visitors. While obtaining organic traffic from Google is more difficult than it was 10 years ago, it is still possible – but you must concentrate on a certain niche.

Even so, you’ll need a website as well as a LOT of time to create posts. (You can always employ freelance content writers from Fiverr).

Remember that you’re seeking to rank for extremely precise long-tail keywords when you prepare the kind of content you’ll present on your website. Niching down can help you rank quicker.

There are a few objectives to concentrate on when it comes to exploiting the SEO and blog channel for visitors.

Top Strategies:

  • Creating fresh SEO material: Write and publish new content that is optimized for the keywords you want to target. More is always better, as long as the information is of high quality.
  • Conducting outreach or link-building campaigns: Another free SEO approach is sending emails to other sites in search of links to your overall site or particular content.

Traffic Source #2: Social Media

Once you have a website up and running with some material, you’ll discover that social networking is one of the finest methods to market your content and make new relationships. Social networking is also a good source of organic traffic.

Well… Some may call it “free,” but here is where the phrase “sweat equity” comes into play. Nobody is entitled to a social media following; you must earn it!

While it does not need any money upfront, growing a following on LinkedIn or via a Facebook Group is not a quick effort. It requires trust, strong content, and patience to find out what works and what doesn’t with your audience.

Because there are so many different social networks available, you must focus on the proper ones. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Your target demographic is most likely active on just two or three social media platforms. Conduct research to determine if Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or another site is the most popular with your target demographic.
  • Provide value before attempting to extract it. Unlike sponsored advertisements, social media exists to bring people together and have fun. Most users aren’t wanting to be marketed to, so before publishing anything promotional, you should give value in the form of useful or amusing material. (As a matter of thumb, 4 posts of value are worth more than 1 promotional post.)
  • Social networking sites don’t want their people to go away. Traffic is vital not just for your company, but also for social networking sites. As a consequence, their algorithms don’t usually give postings that link to other websites a lot of love. If you want to succeed on social media, you need to follow their guidelines 80-90 percent of the time.

There are several tools available on how to use social networking to establish a following and earn free traffic. Some of the strategies we propose are listed below.

Top Strategies:

  • Create Your Own Facebook Group: Facebook Groups are currently one of the finest methods to develop a community of interested followers. When compared to Facebook Fan Pages, organic updates will reach your fans far more easily.
  • Participate in Other Communities: Social media is a game. Go to forums or social networks such as Twitter, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, or YouTube channels and contribute to the debates. As you contribute, you will gradually establish yourself as an expert, and others will naturally begin to visit your social networks or website to discover more about you. Most significantly, you’re increasing your brand equity!
  • Become an Influencer: If you’re in the proper industry, being an influencer is a great way to contact your target audience and increase your free traffic. Even better, influencer social profiles may generate revenue on their own!

Traffic Source #3: Email Marketing

It would be a huge mistake if you didn’t start collecting email addresses from your visitors as soon as your new website is up and running. This is the first step in constructing an email list and “earning” free traffic for your advertisements.

The rule of thumb is that each email address on your list is worth $1 per month, thus a 10,000-email list would be worth $10,000 per month! Email, like the blog, is a marketing medium that you own and manage.

One of the most effective methods for collecting email addresses is via gated content or a subscribe option. This is how it’s done.

Gated content

Any important material (such as an e-book, a guide, a cheat sheet, etc.) that is available “behind” a form that needs a visitor’s email address to access is considered gated content. Building the logic behind gated content is quite simple if you’re using a landing page builder like HubSpot. When a visitor provides you with their email address, you may begin sending them emails with relevant material and deals.

But a word of caution: these emails must be excellent. Extremely, nice. Otherwise, as individuals unsubscribe, your email list will diminish. “Good” emails are mostly informative and useful, with occasional promotions thrown in for good measure.

Function of Subscription

As you add material to your website, offer visitors the option of subscribing to your email list to keep up to date on new content and specials.

This is comparable to gated content, except instead of enticing visitors with a specific piece of content, you’re incentivizing them with your overall content quality. This technique is harder to implement; nevertheless, these consumers are less likely to unsubscribe after receiving their first bargain, indicating that you’re establishing a more engaged list of subscribers.

Top Strategies:

  • To attract additional opt-ins, provide gated content. Learn about your target audience’s interests and design lead magnets for them to use.
  • Increase your email list by expanding your traffic sources. Once you have high-converting lead magnets, all you need to do is drive more visitors to your opt-in sites. This is where free channels such as SEO, YouTube, and social media come in.
  • Look for affiliate deals to promote. The goal of email marketing is to monetize your mailing list. Finally, if you generate enough money from your emails to reinvest in these sources or paid traffic channels, your search for “free traffic” may come to an end.

What is the difference between paid and free traffic?

Now that we’ve covered the free traffic options, let’s take a look at their paid equivalent.

So, what exactly is bought traffic?

Paid traffic, in a nutshell, refers to any advertising source that costs money to create traffic. Here are a few examples of the most common:

  • PPC social ads like Facebook Ads
  • Display ads like Google Display Network
  • Native ads and sponsored posts like Outbrain or Taboola
  • Influencer marketing like Instagram stories or posts

The unifying denominator here is that you must pay to get traffic using these ways. They are not guaranteed to perform, but you will most likely get results far quicker than with free traffic approaches.

Now that we know about the traffic, let’s discuss the second piece of the puzzle.

How to find hot products on Clickbank to promote?

To locate the greatest product in a certain category, sort the offers by Gravity:

This is a Clickbank measure that few people understand, but it’s helpful since it rates items based on how much they sold about the number of clicks they got.

It’s a measure that ranges from 0 to 100, and if a product has a gravity of 30 or above, it’s reasonable to conclude that it sells well (compared to the number of clicks you send to it).

Also, take in mind that a product may have a high Gravity score because it sold well in the past but has subsequently dropped in popularity.

Again, knowing your specialty and demographic can help you choose which product would perform best.

To learn more about the Clickbank gravity score you can either read this in-depth guide or watch this video down below.

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Wrap Up

Even though the Clickbank brand has been damaged over the years and the company has had to go through a huge purge to remove itself of scammy BS items.

Clickbank isn’t going anywhere.

Every affiliate marketer on the globe knows what Clickbank is, and most of them have made money online from it.

Is it possible to generate money using Clickbank in 2022?

Definitely yes.

Clickbank works just as well as it did years ago as an affiliate program/network, and whether or not you earn money with it is decided on how well you know what you’re doing.

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