The 10 Best Digital Affiliate Products on ClickBank in 2022

It’s a testament to how much ClickBank has grown and evolved that we even HAVE to write up a post about the top digital products on ClickBank!

As you probably know, ClickBank used to only offer digital products for sale (think ebooks, video courses, access to membership sites, etc.). But back in 2014, we started allowing physical products on platform – and the rest is history.

In this post, we cover the 10 best digital affiliate products on ClickBank right now. Check them all out below!

Category: Exercise & FitnessClickBank Nickname: hypstretch

Hyperbolic Stretching

Not only is Hyperbolic Stretching a mainstay of ClickBank’s monthly top 10 products list, but it’s also just a darn good product!

Here are a few of the reasons why you’ll continue to find this offer at the top of our marketplace month after month:

1) The team behind Hyperbolic Stretching requires you to apply to promote this product. By only allowing preapproved people to promote it, they avoid saturation in the market.

2) The product has multiple funnels, with some tailored specifically for men and others meant for female audiences.

While the average payout of ~$20 isn’t anything to write home about, Hyperbolic Stretching has the advantage of appealing to a HUGE audience of both men and women. And we’re seeing an average conversion of more than 5% on this one, which is one of the highest conversion rates on this list!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to promote this one, don’t hesitate to apply to become a Hypstretch affiliate. Click below to get started!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $1.13APV = $20.87Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = Contact =

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Exercise & FitnessClickBank Nickname: mbpc84

My Back Pain Coach
My Back Pain Coach

ClickBank sees a lot of successful health and fitness offers. What makes My Back Pain Coach special is that it’s available as both a physical or digital offer – the only difference is paying for shipping on the physical package.

It’s also a great science-backed health offer for affiliates to promote, because back pain is only becoming a bigger problem. In addition to the main VSL, this product includes some additional sales pages for you: a written sales letter, an ecom style sales page, and article landers customized for sciatica, as well as male or female audiences.

You also get access to email swipes. So, if you’re interested in promoting one of the highest-selling health offers on ClickBank, apply for My Back Pain Coach below!

Offering CPA = Yes

EPC = $2.47APV = $66.52Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page =  Vendor Contact =  

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Women’s HealthClickBank Nickname: alexpfs

Pelvic Floor Strong
Pelvic Floor Strong

Pelvic Floor Strong bills itself as an at-home comprehensive video system that can help women 40+ to strengthen the pelvic floor and core. It’s designed to help stop bladder leakage, tone the vaginal walls and belly, and help women feel more confident and sexy.

Obviously, this is a great digital offer for anyone with an audience of older women. It also has some enticing benefits! If you apply to be an affiliate with them, you can enjoy up to 90% commissions on both the initial product and all upsells.

And with one of the highest average payouts on this list, Pelvic Floor Strong is a digital product worth promoting. You can learn more about them at the tools page link!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $0.88APV = $58.68Starting Commission = 70%Affiliate Tools Page = Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: RemediesClickBank Nickname: bookofrem

The Lost Book of Remedies
The Lost Book of Remedies

Like with Hyperbolic Stretching, you’ll often see The Lost Book of Remedies somewhere on our monthly list of top 10 products – it tends to go in waves.

But this may have something to do with seasonality, as there’s renewed interest from customers for survival offers and natural health remedies in different parts of the year.

One claim to fame for this product is the fact that it straddles the line between the survival and health niches, so it works well with either audience – or both! We often hear of people using The Lost Book of Remedies as a lower-ticket offer to warm up a list before attempting to promote more expensive offers to them.

Note that this product is best for email affiliates, as it isn’t allowed to be promoted through paid channels like Facebook, Google, or native. Also, you’ll need to apply and get whitelisted to promote this offer. Get started below!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $1.25APV = $38.37Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = Contact =

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Diets & Weight LossClickBank Nickname: eatstopeat

eat stop eat
Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat is one of the most popular intermittent fasting weight loss programs on ClickBank since 2007. In addition to the digital ebook version, it offers a physical book option, and both include VIP email coaching aand bonus quick start guide.

What makes Eat Stop Eat special is its new approach to weight loss. Rather than focusing so much on daily calorie counting, this program educates customers about the cycle of consumption that our ancestors used to keep their overall calories low enough to stay lean year-round.

With Eat Stop Eat, you can expect a 40% upsell conversion rate, a commission of 90% for whitelisted affiliates, and a great selection of swipes. Click below to give it a test!

Offering CPA = Ask Them About It

EPC = $1.65APV = $24.13Starting Commission = 75%

Affiliate Tools Page = Vendor Contact =

Check out their landing page here.

Category: RecipesClickBank Nickname: plantbc

Plant Based Cookbook
Plant Based Cookbook

As part of a niche worth more than $3 billion, vegans clearly like to eat well! So, if you happen to know a few vegans (a.k.a. plant-based friends), why not promote the Plant Based Cookbook to them? It’s a win-win!

The actual Plant Based Cookbook product is a digital ebook packed with more than 100 delicious recipes, perfect for anyone on a vegan diet. But you can also sell this one to a general weight loss audience – you just have to emphasize the benefits of a plant-based diet.

If you have any kind of health and fitness audience, give the Plant Based CookBook a go!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $1.65APV = $14.36Starting Commission = 65%Affiliate Tools Page = Contact =

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Animal Care & PetsClickBank Nickname: doggyd4n

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer
Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer

The next product in our list is Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer – or more specifically, its “Complete Pack” membership.

The product is pretty much what it sounds like: a set of courses that can help customers train theirs dog to be well-behaved. The online membership features a $1 trial to start, so you can expect pretty decent conversion upfront – of course, the real sweet swauce here is the ongoing commissions you can earn of nearly $25 per month!

As an approved affiliate, you also will be given access to an excellent suite of affiliate resources, including articles and landers, banners and images, recommended keywords, email swipes, and giveaways. This is clearly a great choice for anyone with an audience of pet owners or dog lovers.

Find out more on the Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer tools page!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $0.84APV = $50.15Starting Commission = 70%Affiliate Tools Page = Vendor Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

8. Numerologist

Category: NumerologyClickBank Nickname: numerology


One of the reasons Numerologist is so wildly successful is because of one word: personalization! is all about providing a unique user experience. Their core product is a numerology report, but they offer a range of products revolving around different facets of spirituality/new age beliefs.

And this digital product has been on ClickBank since 1999, so they have the longevity to prove they’re the real deal. They’re also committed to quality customer service. The catch is, you must be an established affiliate to apply and get whitelisted.

But if that’s you, be sure to apply below!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $0.18APV = $10.82Starting Commission = 65%Affiliate Tools Page = Contact = n/a

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Exercise & FitnessClickBank Nickname: btlife

back to life - emily lark
Back to Life

Another of the most popular products on ClickBank, Back to Life is the brainchild of Emily Lark.

While supporting two young sons as a single mom, Emily started from nothing and built a multimillion dollar global business on ClickBank using just one funnel: a yoga product specific to back pain.

If you decide to promote Back to Life, you can expect great support and solid conversions on a product that has helped thousands of people! It also happens to be one of the most-sold products ever on ClickBank. Learn more on their tools page.

Offering CPA = Ask Them About It

EPC = $0.61APV = $54.18Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = Contact = n/a  

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Crafts & HobbiesClickBank Nickname: tedsplans

Teds Woodworking
Teds Woodworking

Yet another of our most popular products of all time, Teds Woodworking has been a money-maker since 2010, which is like several lifetimes ago when it comes to the fast-paced world of online marketing.

Part of this is because Teds Woodworking is an evergreen digital offer. Somebody, somewhere will always want to learn how to do woodworking. For another, this happens to be a very generous offer for any woodworking enthusiasts, providing more than 16,000 individual wood plans.

Perhaps most importantly for you, it’s also a fantastic product for affiliates to promote, with a strong double-digit conversion rate and an excellent payout value of nearly $64 per sale for affiliates. Overall, this isn’t just the best home & garden product on ClickBank – it’s the #1 woodworking product on the internet!

Offering CPA = Ask them about it

EPC = $0.54APV = $67.46Starting Commission = 75%Affiliate Tools Page = Contact = n/a  

Check out their landing page here.

Why Promote Digital Affiliate Products?

I didn’t want to close out this post without first discussing why digital products and info products are worth promoting!

You probably know that digital products have a lower average payout value for affiliates than physical products do. However, because they generally cost less for the consumer, you should expect a higher conversion rate for traffic you send to these offers’ sales pages.

This is especially valuable for affiliates on the organic side, where it may not be easy to conjure up a lot of traffic like a media buyer can.

The other big benefit of digital products is that, at a lower price point, they do a great job of warming up an audience. This is especially true for influencers or email marketers with a list – you get the audience primed to buy from your recommendation with something more affordable before putting an expensive physical product in front of them.

Best Info Products on ClickBank Wrap-up

And that covers the top 10 digital products on ClickBank in 2022 right now! Hopefully, you’re able to find a perfect info product to promote.

Want more?

Feel free to check out the latest top products on ClickBank for an up-to-date look at the best-selling physical and digital products on ClickBank’s marketplace right now.

We also have several posts covering the top products in our most popular niches:

Lastly, we have a list of the top 20 best-selling ClickBank products of all time – perfect if you want to zoom out and see the big picture of what sells best on ClickBank!

Of course, after you’ve picked a product to promote, the work is just beginning. The next step is to find the best way to promote it. And for that, I highly recommend checking our ClickBank’s official affiliate marketing education program, Spark by ClickBank.

We hope you find some great new digital products to promote!

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