The 1k Niche Property Project – Month 7 March 2022

Welcome back to the 1K niche property project, we’ve wrapped up the 7th month of this project and I wanted to give you a quick update.

The Goal:

If you aren’t already familiar with what we’re doing inside of this project, our goal is to build a brand new niche property and take it from zero articles, zero visits and $0 in revenue to over $1,000 per month in recurring revenue in as short of time as possible.

We’re going to be documenting each step and every penny spent along the way, so you’ll have an idea of exactly what it takes to build your own niche property.

The History:

Okay, so now that you’re caught up on what we’re trying to do with this project, you may be wondering how we got to where we are today.

You can find a detailed report for each month of this project here, but I wanted to give you a quick recap so you don’t need to read through each and every post.

During the first month of this project, we worked with our friends over at niche website builders to select a niche and an aged domain.

Additionally, we worked hand in hand with their team to conduct keyword research and came up with our initial batch of topics to write articles about.

In the second month, we did a full content review, our friends over at niche website builders wrote all of the initial content for us, and turned 44 of the original 90 ideas into written and published content.

The third month of this project is really weird. Things started to take off.

We were given the keys to the website and had the first full month with published content. We began to see a quick increase in the number of organic visits to the site.

In month 4, we saw our traffic grow from roughly 10 visits per day to 21 visits per day exclusively from organic searches, such as Google and Bing.

Additionally, we decided that to achieve our goal, we would probably need to start creating some additional content (above and beyond the 44 pieces that we published originally) and start to do some additional keyword research.

In month 5, we published 22 new pieces of content (bringing the total to 66) and we saw our organic traffic jump from 21 visits per day to 35 visits per day.

Last month (month six of this project) we saw our organic traffic increase to an average of 48 visits per day and we published an additional nine articles, bringing the total to 75.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s dive into what we did in the last month.

The Activity This Month:

Although the same may not be growing quite as fast as we had initially hoped, month seven of the 1K niche property project has shown extremely rapid growth, and has us believing that everything is headed in the right direction.


Traffic to the site has exploded over the last month.

If you were with us last month, you may remember that we average just under 53 visits per day to the site.

Over the last 30 days, this number has grown to almost 83 visits every day and is continuing to increase.

In fact, we saw a 62.29% increase in traffic to the site over the last 30 days.

Now, you probably know that the thing we’re most concerned with is traffic coming from sources that we control.

Our goal after all is to build something that is an evergreen asset for us.

As a result, the number that matters the most to us is traffic that comes from organic search, search engines like Google or Bing. 

In month 6th of this project, we saw organic traffic increase to 48 visits every day( out of 53 total ).

This month, we’ve seen that number increase by over 40% to 65 visits every day.

While this number is nowhere near where we need to be to reach our goal of $1,000 a month supported by evergreen traffic, it is a substantial increase and is something that has us very excited.

Additionally, the articles that are leading to the biggest increase in traffic, still have a long way to go before they rank number one, in many cases, meaning we potentially can get one and a half or two times more traffic than we already have from our existing content.

With that being said, let’s take a quick look at how the different articles are ranking on Google and see how changes in where these articles rank impacted our growth and organic traffic this month and see what impact they may have for month eight of this project.

Keyword Rankings:

You probably know by now that Scott and I love to take a look at her keyboard rankings because they give us an idea of how we got to where we are in terms of traffic and it gives us a way of projecting a little bit about what’s going to happen down the road.

If you’ve been following along, you may remember that despite our increase in organic traffic, over the last two months(month 5 and month six of this project), we saw a decrease in the number of keywords ranking between positions 1 and 3 .

You may also remember that despite initially giving me a heart attack, I was able to take a quick look and realize that the keywords we lost were not beneficial for the long-term of the site anyway.

That has changed this month.

Not only did we see a jump from eight keywords in this position to 16, but 15 of these 16 top keywords are relevant to the site and lead to some of our top-performing articles.

Last MonthThis MonthGrowthPage 2 Or Higher2350327339.28%Bottom Of Page One13719743.80%Top Of Page One816100.00%Total Keywords2495348639.72%

Obviously, this 100% increase in top-ranked pages is extremely exciting for us, but not quite as exciting as seeing an almost 44% increase in the number of keywords that hit the bottom of page one.

You see, keywords that are already in the number one position, meaning we likely won’t get much more traffic from those searches.

Keywords at the bottom of page 1, however, have massive growth potential.

You’ve probably heard me discussing in the past that the vast majority of clicks for any given search happen between positions 1 and 3 .

Seeing large growth in articles that rank in the bottom portion of the first page and still bring in traffic to the site, means those terms have the potential to bring us substantially more traffic in month eight and beyond.

We saw more than 60 new terms move to the bottom of page 1 this month.

By doing a quick deep dive into Google Analytics, I was able to see that many of these terms are linked-to articles that are already bringing us several hundred visits per month.

This means these articles alone can bring us up to several thousand visits per month as they move up the search results page.

This is why we love creating evergreen content. Write it once and get traffic each and every month forever.

Lastly, we saw almost 900 new search terms. Get indexed on page 2 and beyond .

While this number in and of itself doesn’t mean a whole lot, seeing 40% growth in the number of keywords on these positions, gives us a huge potential traffic source for the future, even if we don’t continue to create more content which we will.

Content Creation: 

This month, we published eight new articles or two per week .

Six of these eight articles were focused around the new content style that we are trying for this site .

Four month eight of this project, I see us continuing to publish at least two articles per week.

Additionally, I expect to see a return to more question-based content now that we’ve established a base for testing the new content style we are using.

The Money:

Just like over the last few months, we are seeing a small amount of movement each month in terms of money, because we’re investing more in content as the site continues to grow.


This month, we saw another small trickle in our expenses because of the eight articles we continued to publish this month. 

We are paying roughly $45 for each article that we are writing, meaning we spent $360 this month.

Month 7 Expenses: $360


Because we haven’t monetized the site yet, we don’t currently have any earnings.

If we continue to see the type of growth that we’ve seen over the last two months, I expect us to turn on ads somewhere between the end of months 8 and 9.

Month 7 Earnings: $0

Net Earnings

Month 0 Expenses: -$9,000

Month 0 Earnings: $0

Month 1 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 1 Earnings: $0

Month 2 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 2 Earnings: $0

Month 3 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 3 Earnings: $0

Month 4 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 4 Earnings: $0

Month 5 Expenses: $945

Month 5 Earnings: $0

Month 6 Expenses: $405

Month 6 Earnings: $0

Month 7 Expenses: $360

Month 7 Earnings: $0

—————————————Month 7 Net: -$10,710

That’s A Wrap:

That’s all she wrote for month 7 of the 1K niche property project.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the site’s not growing quite as fast as we had initially hoped, but we’re seeing strong and consistent growth which gives us excellent hope for the future.

If we continue to see the type of growth that we’re seeing currently, I have no doubt that this site will become one of the top performers in our portfolio.

Make sure to check back next month to get an update and if you’d like to learn how we got to where we are, make sure to check out the full 1k Niche Property Project Archive here.

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