The Next Evolution of AskPat 2.0 – Smart Passive Income

When you’re spinning your wheels, what’s better than an expert who can help? I’m excited to share that AskPat 2.0 is undergoing another evolution!

From AskPat -> AskPat 2.0 -> ??

If you’ve been with us since the early days of AskPat 1.0, you’ll know that we’re not afraid to change things up when we think there’s more we can do for you. 

After 1,000 episodes of answering entrepreneurs’ burning questions under the original AskPat format, we wanted to deliver even more value. 

So we introduced AskPat 2.0, with coaching calls where I go into more depth to help entrepreneurs tackle their most pressing problems.

Now, after more than 200 episodes with this new format, it’s time to switch things up again—and provide even more value and support to entrepreneurs and their growing businesses.

That’s why we’ve revamped AskPat yet again…

Introducing the Smart Bar

The Smart Bar is a new show that unites experts from all over the world on one podcast, answering critical questions from entrepreneurs, makers, creators, doers, and more.

And conveniently, it’ll live on the same feed as AskPat 2.0! 

Whether it’s a question about fundamental stuff like habits or daily routine, advice on launching a book, tips for growing and monetizing a podcast, guidance for building a thriving community—The Smart Bar has an expert at the ready.

Each week, you’ll hear a different question answered by a different expert, sometimes through a coaching call that you get to listen in on.

The Smart Bar is a way for us to tap into the universe of experts out there and bring them right to you. 

The Smart Bar Is an Addition, Not a Subtraction

Now, in case you were wondering what this means for my role in this next phase—I’m not going anywhere. I will still be here to support you and answer questions I feel I’m best able to.

But there are always going to be questions that are best answered by someone with special expertise.

That’s why we’re expanding this podcast feed to include a wider universe of business superheroes.

To give you a little more taste of what to expect with the Smart Bar, here are just some of the topics we’ll be covering:

Writing and bloggingPersonal brandingCreating online eventsBusiness financesLeadershipTeam culturePodcasting and podcast monetizationFreelancingOnline community buildingOnline coursesYouTubeProductivitySearch engine optimization… and a lot more

This is going to be super cool, and I can’t wait for you to tune in!

And because it’ll live on the same feed as AskPat and AskPat 2.0, you won’t have to go anywhere to listen back through the archive of 1,200-plus questions and coaching calls from entrepreneurs just like you.

How to Be a Part of the Smart Bar

So, how can you get your burning business questions answered on the Smart Bar? Just head over to to enter your question for a chance to have it answered on the show.

New episodes will drop every Thursday, so make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out.

One more time, that’s to apply and learn more.

This is gonna be epic!

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